About me

My name is, commonly known as, André Lee (not according to my NID). I am a 55 year old (from the date I write this profile) Mauritian and I am retired. In this blog, I talk over my Christian ministry and my different desires, minimal travel, starting a business, marketing and making money.

I like money not for the concept to enhance my buying power, but rather for the freedom, it allows me to achieve. In fact, I do not really have any material aspiration. I just want to be free to live fully independent from others to provide (Only God to provide). That is to say, owning as little material as possible to maintain (house, garden, swimming pool, and car) and having as much time as possible to live life-giving experiences (trips, shows, personal projects, meetings with friends, and sport, quality time with family).

Why do I want to retire?

Some would say: “I love my job”, “work is health”, “I wouldn’t know what to do with my both hands if I was retired”. Of course, the underlying goal of financial independence is not necessarily to stop working, but rather to have the freedom to do it as you wish.

In addition, I find that our way of life is often anomalous. We spend an average of 1h15 per day in our car to go and come home from work, we work all day to maintain the little things associated with our social “standing”, we watch an average of 4:20 of TV per day and we count the days before the weekend. Is this really life? Two days a week to go shopping at the shopping mall.

I think there are other ways of living. Rather, I aspire to a refined lifestyle that allows me to carry out my personal projects, to live at my own pace, without having to live like a laboratory rat. However, during the time I advance in age, I have changed the direction of my life.

About my commitment

Commitment is a word widely used in many areas of life. We use it about marriage, relationships with those around us … or even about sport when a sports commentator refers to a player or a team having played a “committed” match. In a way, commitment refers to the dedication of the players; it is proof of their unselfishness, their craving, and their enthusiasm. The teams involved are eager to win and refuse to loose.

Why do I engage in Christian Ministry?

At the end of my life, when I stand before the Lord to be judged, I pray that He will consider my life and say to me, “It is well, good and faithful servant” Matt. 25:21 Again, I cannot say that my dedication has never wavered, but my commitment to God has outlived every challenge that has crossed my path. Your life will take a certain direction, determined by your convictions (what you believe in), your desires (what you want) and your affinities (what you like). Those whose priorities are Christ-centered will see the rewards of their commitment emerge in their lives.

When Jesus is your priority, your life is in His hands. “He (God) is above all else, and it is in him that everything is held. “Colossians 1:17. However, when a person does not align his priorities with those of the Lord, his life is impaired. To know if the cause of Christ is your priority, all you need is a simple test: look at what you put first in your life. Jesus says in Matthew 6:21, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. We usually pay attention to the things we value according to our carnal mind.

Let us take an example: time. What do you do most of your time?

Does fulfilling the job for your company take up most of your time? Not to mention TV or sports, when the time allotted to these activities is balanced, none of it is bad, but if they allow these activities become your priority, they can determine the influence your life will have.

Moreover, as far as your way of thinking is concerned, does God occupy your thoughts? It is easy to understand what matters to other people by listening to their conversation topics. The Bible says, “May the words of my mouth and the murmurs of my heart be acceptable to you” (Psalms. 19:14). To separate the words of your mouth from the whispers of your heart is a difficult thing. About what are you talking? About what are you thinking? How do you spend your time and money? The answer to these questions is one of the key solutions to know your priorities.

Important things first

The principle of the first fruits is a powerful spiritual truth. It triggers God’s promises in your life. The story of the two brothers, Cain and Abel, narrated in Genesis 4, introduces this principle. Cain kept the best of his harvest for himself and continued to offer his surplus as an offering to God. For his part, Abel brought the best of his flock to God. God accepted Abel’s offering, but rejected Cain’s. God works the same for us. Jesus talks about several things that we should put first and how important they are to us. This importance affects our environment and us.

Seek the Kingdom of God.

“Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all things will be added to you.”

Matthew. 6:33

This verse has portrayed the underlying message of my purpose. To live for the cause of Christ is to choose to have a life that puts the Kingdom of God first. When you do what Abel did (and I am not talking about sacrificing your most beautiful sheep!), The Lord accepts your sacrifice, pours His favors on your life, provides, brings you comfort and protection, and you opens the doors to new opportunities. Jesus said that if any of us forsake our home or family in the name of the gospel, it will be returned a hundredfold (Mark 10: 29-30). You might wonder: how is this possible? If I give up my life – my dreams, my desires, and my goals – what the situation will give to me in return?

The truth is:  The Kingdom of God operates differently from that of the earthly world. The Kingdom of God is not a dessert with a number of parts. No, the Kingdom of God is like a river. The blessings and promises of God are available to each of us. However, it is not about negotiating with God. It is not about putting a coin in the slot of the machine. Putting His kingdom first in your priorities should not be paralleled with what we expect to receive in return or even in what period we will receive His graces. In fact, it is the opposite. Choosing to put God first in your life means, “Jesus died for me and forgave me, this is the least deserved gift.”

Face inner thoughts.

Misfortune to you, scribes and hypocrites Pharisees! Because you clean the outside of the cup and the dish, and inside they are full of plunder and forbearance. Blind Pharisee! First, clean the inside of the cup and dish, so that the outside also becomes neat.

Matthew. 23: 25-26

Jesus was not afraid of words! He is very clear when he talks about personal issues that might prevent us from achieving our destiny in him. He tells us that we must first take care of healing what is in our heart and, inevitably, outward changes will come. Sometimes, some simple reactions can disguise a person’s feelings that suggests everything is fine.

Unfortunately, over time a crack will start to appear. What happens deep inside always ends up visible on the outside: the thoughts, attitudes, emotions, hurt and lack of mercy we hold onto end up wreaking havoc.

If we need to address other areas of our life, there is no better time to start letting God work in your heart. Take time with Him, ask Him to create a pure heart in you (Psalms. 51:10), meditate on His Word, and begin to renew your thoughts. Surround yourself with people who can help you deal with the issues that are holding you back and finding a church. When you accept this process of inner change, this will affect your outer world.

When you allow God to work your heart, you will begin to see a change in your relationships, your thoughts, and your vision for the future … and this, in all areas of your life. The temporary suffering of this inner work is well worth the freedom for it has offered your life the hope.

Bind the strong man

“How can a person enter a strong man’s house and plunder his possessions, without having previously bound that strong man? Only then will he plunder his house. “

Matthew 12: 29

“The strong man” might not be your muscular opponent you train with at the gym. Jesus talks about Satan. This enemy is always “looking for whom to devour” (1 Peter 5: 8). I think we need to figure out who is the one he cannot devour!

Jesus gave us the authority to stop Satan in his tracks. The Greek word to translate “to bind” means, “to limit one’s power. The best way to bind the enemy is to live according to the Word of God. When you live by His standards, even though you are under attack, your faith in Jesus Christ, the truth of God’s Word, and your salvation will protect you. (Eph. 6: 10-18) Close the door to the devil; block all the exits through which he could attack you. Leave him no room, no authorization, no advantage.

Remove the beam

“First remove the beam that is in your eye, then you will see how to remove the straw from your neighbor’s eye.”

Matthew 7: 5

Let us be clear, I have no illusions about my holiness. Like you, I am a work in progress and I am thankful to God (and Bobbie, my wife) for showing so much patience with me. In thirty years of ministry, I have met caring people in churches. Unfortunately, you always come across other less benevolent individuals here and there. Through the metaphor of Matthew 7, Jesus teaches us the traps of being critical of others. Imagine what it would be like to have a piece of beam sticking out of your eye. Think about all the accidents you would cause while moving around, kicking and hitting anything in your path. This would have consequences on your eyesight, limit your movements and pose a slight problem in your relations with others! Many places would be inaccessible to you because of this beam.

Jesus strongly recommends that we look at our own lives first before condemning others. Make the decision to live with a positive and supportive spirit, who sees the best in everyone, and who recognizes that no one is perfect.

Be reconciled!

“Leave your gift there before the altar, and go first and be reconciled to your brother, then come and present your gift.”

Matthew 5:24

The Bible leaves no room for bitterness or offense, whether justified or not, because the Father knows that these problems can cripple your life. He wants the best for you. Jesus teaches us to be reconciled first and to be righteous in our relationships. Do not let someone else dominate your mind, because the time and energy you waste in conflict and anxiety limits you. Resolve to remove all those roots of resentment or bitterness before they take hold of your whole heart. Life is too short to be lived in bitterness.

Thank you for following me!