About Us

JohnOneNine is a Family Ministry introduced by Joyce, Evan and Andrew. Though we are only initiators, but we are not only three to maintain this ministry. There are millions or even billions of anointed Christian believers just like you are joining us thereafter.

We have no “Secret Code” to unlock.

We have no secret code because that does not really exist. Abraham, the Bible tells us, did not have the secret code to unlock, but only God who has his heavenly resources to unlock to his family and to his offspring.  In this world, it is regretful to announce that there are so many “GURUS.  They claim that they can make you rich with a small amount of investment. Those who trust them unfortunately fall into their “Rat Race”. What is a “Rat Race”? A rat race is an endless, self-defeating, or pointless pursuit. The phrase equates humans to rats attempting to earn a reward such as cheese, in vain.

Scientists have discovered something that is true. They say that only 5% of the world online entrepreneurs succeed while the remaining 95% fail. This ratio of 5:95 is true because this world is within a Babylonian system. Our church pastor has always told us to meditate to his favorite philosophy. Do you not think that the resource in this world is very limited to satisfy the need of the whole world? In John 6:9, has the Bible not told us that there were only a limited number of breads and fishes to feed five thousand men? If it were without the intervention of Jesus, those disciples would run a rat race to feed five thousand men. If the resource of this world is limited to satisfy the need of the whole world, the resource in the heaven is not limited.

Why we recruit only Christian believers?

Those who do not adopt the principle according to the word of God would fall into the temptation of greed; an evil that directly leads you to the failure. It is with the aim of greed that people are motivated to trade in the temple like in Matthew 21:12. As Christian believers, we do not trade at a place where we worship God. Contrarily, we will transfer the atmosphere of praise and worship to our trade. When we transfer the environment of praise and worship into the gear of our trades, we will find the Babylonian system of the world be unrooted. Our God is a God of love and compassion. Our God does not have a plan to feed only 5% of the whole population. The world with all their will cannot fight against the poverty because right from the moment Adam and Eve have sinned; Satan has already corrupted the world. The poverty is the darkest invisible evil spirit against which we cannot fight with our own human intellect.

Blessed be unto our God that His Son has come into the world before He is risen back to his throne. He has shed his blood in order for the poor not to shed tears. He has come into the world to reverse the sin committed by Adam and Eve. It is quite possible that many of you who are joining us to follow Jesus have the faith to be the next Bill Gates or Donald Trump, of course nothing is impossible with God. But, we are not able to promise anything, unless God is willing to do it according to your faith. However, we have a clear vision to eradicate the evil of poverty from which the world are suffering. Have you realized that the world have spent so much in developing destructive weapons to kill? Have you recognized that the world have set aside a colossal amount to fund terrorism attack? What is more frightening again, we are very conscious that the trade of poisonous drug is more flourishing than the trade of our daily bread.
If, by the Grace of our God, we have been able to eradicate all these destructive evils on earth, our planet will be like a heaven on earth.

We are fully aware what will hold you back from joining us.

In Romans, 12:2 the Bible tells us not conform to the pattern of this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is. His good, pleasing and perfect will. Apostle Paul are very concerned that many Christian believers, though they are born again, they have the tendency to look back in the past. Just as the Israelites whom Moses was leading from Egypt back to the promise land, in Exodus 16, they were murmuring against Moses.

I have the testimony of many Christian traders who are more successful than non-Christian believers despite the market is very competitive. I would be very happy if you believe in me that it is not a sin to sell your commodities at a price higher than your rivals are selling. I have seen many traders who all fail while selling similar commodities within a very competitive market. One thing I want you to meditate in your mind. Selling cheaper than your competitors would not make you more successful than your competitors. Only selling according to the principle of God will make you more successful.

Before I ask you to download our starting package, God has a word for you concerning the market competition.

In the book of Numbers chapter 13, we see two examples. In verse 28, 10 out of the 12 spies whom Moses sent to conquer the Canaan land, they failed the see how the powerful God can help them to conquer the land. What holding them back, is their human intellect. What their own eyes saw, was their obstacle. They saw their enemies who are stronger than they are. Our pastor has always told us: “failure to trust God is a sin”. Perhaps this word is too harsh for many Christian believers, but in the reality, the word of God is how it is! So, the example of Joshua and Caleb in Numbers 14:7-8, is the other example which every Christian believer should follow. They say: “If the Lord delights in us, he will bring us into this land and give it to us, a land that flows with milk and honey.”

What is holding you back to trade? In Matthew 25:24-28 Jesus in his parable has clearly taught us that the one who is afraid to trade his talent is the one who fail to prosper.