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Please do not start your own business unless you fully understand what the bible says in Matthew 25:29.

Here the Bible says: “For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.”

Do you want to create your own online shop? We are all aware that developing an online shop can be a scaring concept mainly when you are not technically experienced. After assisting hundreds of customers to start their own online shop, we have decided to assist Christian believers on how to build your own online shop with our free and ready-made shopping cart. All you have to do is to downwnload it here. It is free! During the time our country was locked down due to the covid-19 pandemic, everyone realized the advantage of an e-commerce store over the conventional physical store.

Anyone with a pc or MAC can get started within a matter of minutes and without getting hold of any particular talents.

The three things you require to launch an online shop are:

A web domain name such as
A web hosting account where your website is hosted, this is where your website lives on the internet.
Your valuable devotion for about half of an hour.

In this lecture, we will go through:

Register a Domain Name. ($10/year)
Choose your host provider ($48/year)

Get a SSL Certificate for Free (required for selling online, but is included in your hosting package)

Setting up Your Online Store Platform

To set up your online store you have two options:

  1. We do not recommend Shopify, which is very expensive unless you have a lot of money to spend before your first profit coming in. Shopify is an all-inclusive hosted ecommerce solution that starts at $29 / month or $348/year. It is a hassle-free solution where you just login and start selling. Besides the truth that it is very expensive and your payment, possibilities are limited unless you upgrade with additional payments.
  • You can use our pre-built shopping cart. It is free, but you only have to install it on your own web site. With our shopping cart, you can sell whatever item you want online, inclusive of restaurant fast food, insurance, real estate property, hotel booking, and services. If you do not have your own product to sell, do not worry, many people are very successful with drop shipping. Our shopping cart is already designed especially for drop shipping.

For more you may watch our video below: