Why do I have to pay tithe to the church?

All that is good in your life is a gift from your loving Heavenly Father. When you give 10% back, you are expressing your love, faith, and thankfulness. You show God that you will follow him even if the situation is threatening. You show God that you trust Him rather than money or material things. Because of your devotion, your Heavenly Father promises you blessings far greater than your sacrifices.

Some people find it tough to imagine that they can afford to give a tenth of their salary, while those who pay tithe faithfully know they cannot withhold from giving. To them the windows of heaven are open and blessings are pouring out in abundance in very real and wonderful ways. A widow rightly explained to her son, “I cannot raise you [my children] without the blessings of the Lord, and these blessings I obtain by paying an honest tithe. When I pay tithe I have the Lord’s promise that He will bless us, and we need these blessings to come out of it”

Our spiritual strength comes from relying on the Lord. To face life’s threatening trials, we need more faith, inspiration and courage. Submission to the law of tithe opens the windows of heaven and allows the deluge of these blessings.

In addition, many people feel that they are better at managing their personal finances and supporting themselves better because they faithfully pay tithing. This act teaches us to control our material cravings and to be honest with our neighbor. We learn to trust that we will always have enough to support ourselves, through the blessings of the Lord and through our diligent efforts.

No matter how much you earn, you will be blessed if you pay tithe. When Jesus saw a woman putting some coins in the trunk of the temple, he said to his disciples, “This poor widow gave more than any of those who put in the trunk; because all of them put in what they needed, but she put in everything she had, everything she had to live “